Scott Briquelet

Early Morning No-Gi Coach

Scott started training in December of 2012 “getting whooped 3 times a week in my instructor’s garage” with Profs. Mike Morgan and Adriano Lucio, and earing a blue belt. After moving from Florida to Tennessee, he started training with Prof. Joel Gingery, earning a purple belt. Scott retired from the Navy in 2017 and began training with Paul in May of that year. He earned his black belt in 2020.

Scott holds various titles and medals white through brown belts in IBJJF, AGF, NAGA, SJJF, Grappling Games, and Copa America. He specializes in no-gi jiujitsu, standup, and leg lock concepts. Scott is also the assistant wrestling coach at Perry High School.

Coach Scott’s Classes

  • Wednesday 6am – 7am No-Gi Mixed-Levels